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Welcome to Internet Radio Station "SciTechTalk" !

By occasion of the launch of this radiostation I want to make clear as your host why and with what purpose I take this initiative.

The beta sciences, and especially physics, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence,

are real passions of mine, from my youth on up till now.

No wonder that I chose Physics when I went to college, with all the higher mathematics that goes with it

as well as computer science later on.

Every time these topics are discussed in the media, I sit right up in my chair and don't want to miss anything about it.

But I always get more or less disappointed when a subject is being covered only superficially !

But with such a large and diverse audience such as with radio and television this is of course

a nearly impossible task in case one needs to keep up the viewing and listening figures.

SciTechTalk aims at a specific audience: those who tend to like science and technology by their very nature.

They won't mind when these topics are covered at a deeper level and more at length,

as one is used to in the common mass media.

On the contrary: they insist to hear more about it and want to contribute to subjects that have their interest.

Initially radio, television and magazines were the channels through which news and interesting facts

about science and technology were distributed.

Now we have of course also the Internet as an information source.

And there we can practically find anything about every conceivable subject in a multitude of ways,

from popular and superficial, up to professional and profound and thorough.

But it surely is not a trivial task to publish for a wide audience, remember:

"Easyreading is damned hard writing".

And with the arrival of SciTechTalk radio, I would like to add to that:

"Easylistening is damned hard talking" :-) ......

Through Internet Radio Station "SciTechTalk" I want to shape and express my passion

for science and technology and hope to gradually acquire a constantly growing interaction

with the listening audience: initially only by email;

later on perhaps via chat and interactive live audio connection with my listeners,

e.g. by using Skype and the like.

Through my enthousiasm I not only would like to ""infect" newly interested people.

Also to initiates, specialists and "old hands" I want to give the opportunity

to have their say on SciTechTalk Internet Radio.

E.g. people who know a lot about a specific topic I will give the opportunity

to talk themselves about it or maybe even to present an entire item

on that subject via SciTechTalk.

But I also gladly would like to welcome any input and questions from my audience,

such as:

- please pick up this and that subject

- please elaborate on an already covered subject earlier on

- etc. etc.

The simplest way these requests can be submitted is by email,

via email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Again I want to stress that I very much would like to welcome

any reactions and questions of you, my listeners,

because I would appreciate very much to get to know which topics

you would like to be covered in the broadcasts of SciTechTalk.

Beside the emailaddress, I Therefore am planning to put a poll

on the accompanying website of SciTechTalk,

where you can vote for the topics you would like to be covered.

Also I will put a forum on that website, where listeners can put their reactions

and also can exchange ideas mutually.

With regard to the depth of the subjects to be covered:

SciTechTalk will go to the maximum achievable by means of the spoken word.

Supporting this verbal presentation, I will put links on the accompanying website

of SciTechTalk to texts, pictures, audio, video and other forms of content

applicable to the subjects covered and contributing to a better understanding of these subjects.

With regard to the limits of the kinds of subjects:

I will initially focus on subjects from physics, mathematics,

computerscience and artificial intelligence.

But I neither will shy away from other subjects,

such as e.g. psychology, environmental issues, global warming etc.

I will do this especially if the audience has an interest in these subjects.

SciTechTalk will broadcast in the English as well as the Dutch language.

Initially topics will be broadcasted in both languages in one,

continuous broadcasting-loop, one after the other in a single audiostream.

Later on this could change into another structure,

e.g. English and Dutch both in an audiostream of their own,

or perhaps exclusively in English or in Dutch.

This will be done on the basis of interest of course.

Finally I would like to wish you a lot of fun and inspiration

listening to Internet Radio Station "SciTechTalk"

and I hope to share this passion, together with you, my listening audience,

via this Internet Radio channel with many others around the globe !

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Jan Bours

Internet Radio Station "SciTechTalk"


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